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KOYDA NOVA plus Arkema - Global project start!

KOYDA NOVA & Arkema - Global project start!

The year 2019 has just begun. Mid-January was another starting point for our Company.   

France, Paris and European winter with a temperature of +10. The head office of the world-known holding ARKEMA.

Mrs. Elena Batyan, our Director, and Mr Cyril Brichard, Commercial Director of the Department for Surfactants and Additives of Arkema France Company, signed the General Contract on global partnership and joint production of conditioning additives in the Republic of Belarus between KOYDA NOVA and Arkema.

From this moment our Company will be able to use all long-term experience of the French partner in production of anticaking agents and dust removers for mineral fertilizers. We also received an exclusive right to use a well-known trademark  Lilamin in our formulation which indicates a serious trust in our company from the side of company Arkema France.  

In addition, Arkema entrusts marketing and sales of products to KOYDA NOVA Company.

Successful start of the year and launch of a grand project!

Koyda Nova – Achieving the Impossible!

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