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Dust remover

The KOYDAMIN AD dust remover is designed for conditioning of powdered fertilizers in order to reduce caking and dust formation during transportation and storage of mineral fertilizers.
Mode of action:
The KOYDAMIN AD dust remover for chemical fertilizers creates an anti-friction barrier between the granules, which provides protection against the formation of salt bridges that contribute to caking and formation of dust particles. The agents that make up the dust remover, effectively bind the already existing dust and increase the resistance of the protective shell to subsequent mechanical damage during transportation and, consequently, to additional dust formation.
The dust remover is easy to apply to fertilizers, safe and has minimal impact on the fertilizers themselves.
Advantages of KOYDAMIN AD application:
  • reduction or complete elimination of the water-absorbing capacity of mineral fertilizer granules
  • improving the integrity of fertilizer granules and, as a result, increasing the resistance during transportation
  • opportunity to sell your products at new markets, as durability increases the delivery distance of products and the number of transshipping
  • gaining additional profit due to increased sales in new markets
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The Koydamin AD-NPK anti-dust agent is recommended as a conditioning additive during production of NPK fertilizers, it is also effective during production of potash and phosphorous fertilizers.
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