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Anticaking agent for fertilizers

KOYDA NOVA LLC has launched the production of anticaking agents for chemical fertilizers - KOYDAMIN AC

Most fertilizers tend to from lumps or agglomerates (caking) during storage. The caking process in fertilizers is often explained by the formation of salt bridges and/or capillary adhesion. Several factors can affect the caking degree, such as chemical composition, content of moisture, particle structure, mechanical strength, water repellent properties, product temperature, environmental conditions, storage time and pressure during storage. The main method to reduce or eliminate caking in fertilizers is to add anticaking additives.  

Koydamin AC anticaking additives solve the following problems: 

  • caking of fertilizers;IMG_14192
  • moisture adsorption and nitrogen loss in granular fertilizers;
  • reducing trend of crystal formation due to the presence of a combination of powerful surfactants, surface tension modifiers in the product.

Advantages of Koydamin AC:

  • The use of the anticaking agent produced by KOYDA NOVA LLC enhances the fertilizers with a long lasting effect. This provides the plants with food for a longer time, the fertilizers penetrate the soil slowly and smoothly with no harm to the plant roots. Thus, the possible overdose is excluded;
  • All raw material components of  Koydamin AC are REACH registered;
  • The product formula has been developed in collaboration with the АRKEMA FRANCE Partner – a world-known company at the market of raw materials used for production of mineral fertilizers;
  • The option to select the formula according to the Customer’s production conditions and the climate of the region of fertilizer application;
  • Low expenses for an additive due to a combination of low dosage of the anticaking agent, Belarusian raw materials and arrangement of production facility on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.


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KOYDAMIN AС-NPK anticaking agent is a product for treatment of the granule surface of mineral fertilizers to prevent their transition into a bound and compacted state during transportation and storage.
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