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Chemistry for roads

High demands are placed on the asphalt concrete surfaces of modern roads. This is especially true for highways with a high dynamic load, airfield runways, cargo areas, parking lots.

Based on the condition of the roads, conclusions are often drawn about the well-being of the country. But there are many factors in road construction that affect the quality of the road:

  • condition and preparation of the first layer - we are talking about the soil, which will be under the road surface ("road surface"), therefore, they often resort to creating a large bulk layer;
  • the creation of the correct drainage layer - for the timely drainage of rainwater, which, lingering on the surface for a long time, leads to the destruction of the roadway, and in the cold season, the liquid, freezing in the pores, expands and leads to deformation of the asphalt;
  • preparation of a stable base - it ensures an even distribution of loads on the substrate or soil, which excludes pushing under a heavy load of trucks, more often it consists of large crushed stone or crushed rock;
  • layer-by-layer laying directly of the coating - perceives vertical and horizontal loads from the wheels of cars, and layer-by-layer application of the coating distributes and transfers the load to the underlying base;
  • capital investments - "road clothes" are designed for a long service life, therefore, such a road surface requires high costs in production, but less in subsequent maintenance;
  • the use of innovative additives are the products necessary for the construction of roads from asphalt and cement concrete, these include:

          * adhesive additives such as KOYDATECH

          * bitumen modifiers and plasticizers such as KOYDAFLEX

          * polymer-bitumen binders

  • road surface maintenance - from time to time the roads need maintenance and repair. And for dirt roads, roadsides, quarries, construction sites, parking lots for special equipment, the main problem is dust, against which special eco-friendly dust collectors are used, such as KOYDADUSTER

If the technology is followed and all factors are taken into account, then such a road will last a long time, recoup all investments and give pleasure to drivers.

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KOYDATECH is a complex additive used as a component used for road, industrial and civil construction.
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KOYDAFLEX PMB - polymer modifier for bitumen, otherwise thermoplastic elastomer.
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KOYDADUSTER MR - water concentrate anti-dust agent for dusty dirt roads, roadsides, quarries, construction sites, parking lots for special equipment.
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