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Silicone emulsions

Koydasil RA-RB and RA-TR silicone emulsions are used as a release agent in the manufacture of rubber and polymer products.

This is an aqueous emulsion of polydimethylsiloxane, which is effectively used in finished form and diluted with water.

The emulsion has the following properties:

  • doesn't contain alkyl phenol ethoxylates;
  • doesn't pose a risk of exposure to the human body;
  • gives antistatic surface properties (reduces static charge);
  • economical, convenient and safe to use;
  • explosion-proof and doesn't have a toxic effect on the human body;
  • heat resistant, application temperature up to 200 °C;
  • stable when diluted with water to 2% solution;
  • resistant to freezing temperatures and can withstand up to 5 cycles of freezing and thawing without decomposition;
  • guarantees excellent removal of parts and is recommended for use in complex forms;
  • the grease has a non-slip surface and does not distort the dimensions of the molds;
  • when correctly applied to the preheated form, the product forms a thin, inert thermostable coating used in the processes of molding rubber and polymers.

Scope Koydasil RA-RB and RA-TR wide, emulsions can be used for:

  • when casting rubber and plastic products as silicone release agent for molds;
  • for processing glass containers;
  • as a lubricant for extruded rubber products (profiles, tubes, seals, etc.);
  • in car services - lubrication reduces tire mounting and dismounting efforts, prevents tire “sticking” to the rim of the tire, and saves the tire carcass from harmful deformations;
  • in the manufacture of textiles (production of yarn, knitwear);
  • for lubricating sewing needles and conveyor belts.
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