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Water Repellents

The life of buildings and structures depends on many factors, but the most important is the level of protection of building structures from aggressive effects of the environment and first of all – from moisture. In practice, this problem is solved by using two fundamentally different approaches: water proofing and water repellent treatment.


Waterproofing involves coating of the structure surfaces with a layer of water- and vapor-proof material of certain (sometimes very significant) thickness or impregnation of building structures made of porous materials with an organic binder that closes the pores.


Water repellent treatment is a sharp decrease in the ability of products and materials to absorb and conduct water or water solutions, while maintaining vapor and gas permeability in the result of chemical treatment. Water repellent coatings in the form of monomolecular layers or thin films are obtained by treating the material with solutions, emulsions or (rarely) with vapors of water repellent agents – substances that interact weakly with water but remain in the bulk and on the surface.


Water repellent or, as they are also called, hydrostop is a special chemical solution consisting of salts of fatty acids, some metals (copper, aluminum, zirconium, etc.), cationic surfactants, as well as low and high molecular silicon- and fluorine-organic compounds.

The most effective, durable and technologically advanced compounds are produces on the basis of silicon organic (they are also known as silicone or siloxane compounds).

The most effective, durable and technological formulations are made on the basis of organosilicon - they are also silicone or siloxane. The company "KOYDA NOVA" produces silicone water repellents of the Koydasil HPH-MW.


The technology of application of silicone water repellents Koydasil HPH-MW:

  • Surface water repellent treatment. Provides for applying the working compound of a silicone water repellent on a surface to be treated by spraying, dipping, watering, applying by brush or roller.
  • Bulk water repellent treatment. Can be performed both at the stage of production of construction materials, and by forced impregnation of ready structures.

Our Company is engaged in development of silicone and paraffin emulsions for water repellent treatment and dust removing treatment of construction materials, mineral wool, chipboard and fiberboard, as well as separation emulsions for rubber industries.

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Koydasil HPH-MW is a silicone emulsion based on polydimethylsiloxane produced by DOW Chemical Company and under their technical support.
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