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Oil emulsions

Koydaoil HPH-MW oil emulsions are used in the production of thermal insulation products based on mineral and glass fibers.

It is a mixture of high temperature refined oil, water, preservative and other functional additives.

The emulsion has the following properties:

  • non-toxic - does not pose a danger of exposure to the human body;
  • non-explosive;
  • compatible with most phenolic resin binder;
  • heat resistant, flash point: more than 260-300 °C;
  • retains water-repelling and dust-removing properties after processing at high temperatures;
  • high efficiency at low dosages.

Applications of Koydaoil HPH-MW:

  • during the production of any types of mineral wool;
  • the emulsion is added to the binder solution, either in the hydromass, or used by direct processing using nozzles.
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Koydaoil HPH-MW - Oil emulsion for mineral wool based on purified high-temperature oil
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